About Us

Blue Diamond was chosen as our team name to evoke the attributes of the blue diamond found in nature: strength, uniqueness and quality. As the diamond is forged over time and under pressure, so were our personnel. Quality is not attained overnight.

BDC provides integrated solutions to clients in a variety of sectors around the globe.

Our professional subject matter experts possess specialized, regional and language-culture expertise that ensures action and results for our clients.

Our forward leaning philosophy seeks “over the horizon” vision to identify opportunities and to close gaps for your requirements, goals and objectives.

Blue Diamond Consulting provides discrete, adaptive and specialized services that will expand your capacity and your ability to enter challenging and emerging geographic areas, populations and markets.

Global Agility is our focus and objective. Our organizational experience, knowledge, skills and capabilities facilitate your organization’s mobility, flexibility and success in the global context.

Our core competency is providing consulting and training services to facilitate access, agility and placement that are central to your organization’s success.

Your success is our goal.



Blue Diamond Consulting is a multinational team of proven high performers dedicated to providing our clients with quality, efficient and integrated services to ensure action and facilitate success.

Results-oriented performance is our key measure.

Our competitive advantage lies in our personnel: integrity, experience, knowledge and commitment to our mission.

  • Experienced Business Professionals
  • Regional, Linguistic and Cultural Specialists
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Globally Networked

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