Business Development

Our global partnerships are strategically positioned to facilitate your full-spectrum market entry, business development, capacity expansion and product development needs, across international markets.

Building upon our experience and global network, Blue Diamond Consulting offers a broad portfolio of international services for your business. Our holistic and action-oriented services are customized to your goals and objectives.

  • Market Entry
  • Local Financing
  • Localized Marketing Strategies
  • Competition Analysis
  • Opportunity Identification
  • Networks and Partnering
  • Product Development
  • Value Added Reseller
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Government Contracting

We are equally well-positioned to facilitate success for our international clients seeking to expand their capacity in the US market. Blue Diamond Consulting has secured success in the US market for firms from the Middle East, Europe, India and East Africa.

We assist our international clients in establishing localized business operations, support and infrastructures. This assistance includes introductions to our strategic partners in various sectors: venture capital, banking, real estate, legal services, accounting services, personnel recruitment and others.

Blue Diamond Consulting is particularly well placed, and experienced, for consulting on US Government Contracting processes and opportunities.

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