Blue Diamond Consulting conducts unique, immersive language-culture-behavior programs, with a focus on requirements for Crisis Response, Humanitarian Assistance, Security Operations, and International Development.

BDC provides innovative I3IntensiveIsolationImmersionTM training experiences in a variety of environments. Our programs emphasize authentic linguistic-cultural knowledge, skills and abilities, fused with interpersonal skills for achievement of target outcomes. Realistic simulations and role plays are integral elements of our programs, as a learning tool and for outcomes-based evaluation. Programs are performance-oriented, aligned with your strategic goals and objectives.

Specialized training is available in topical areas such as: medicine, construction, communications, agriculture, project management, interviews, conflict mitigation, networking, persuasion/influence, and negotiation, in the context of crisis response, humanitarian assistance, emergency management, and international development.

Programs are flexible and tailored to your requirements. Duration ranges per your needs, from short preparatory courses to long term efforts. Enterprise level program development is one of our primary areas of expertise. Programs may be conducted at your location, at dedicated US facilities, and in one of our Live Environment Training immersion facilities.

Blue Diamond Consulting has conducted successful language-culture programs up to 36 months in duration, with the most discriminating of clients for use in the most challenging of circumstances. Our focus is on specialized organizational needs and programs for corporations, NGOs and government agencies.

Language-Culture-Behavior Training and Consulting

Live Environment Training (LET)

  • LET Immersion OCONUS
  • LET Immersion CONUS Heritage Communities

Program Evaluation for LREC

Simulation Training and Exercise Support Services

  • Planning, Development, Role Players, Evaluation

Contact us for further information and details on additional language-culture options available.

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