Regional Expertise

Blue Diamond Consulting offers a range of research, consulting and instructional options to provide your organization with the regional information, knowledge, skills and abilities to meet your requirements and to facilitate your success.

We provide simulation training to prepare your personnel prior to overseas meetings, market entry, infrastructure development, negotiations, or relocation.

Blue Diamond Consulting offers your organization unique immersion opportunities in Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and East Asia.

Our team members are multinational and culturally diverse and provide deep experience and understanding of local realities, in the context of the international stage.

Our Regional SMEs come from broad and varied backgrounds, with the requisite academic, professional, linguistic and cultural skills to provide your organization with the knowledge and capabilities that are key to your success.

  • Risk Management
  • Emergency Management
  • Crisis Response
  • Cultural Due Diligence for Corporate Operations Overseas
  • Physical Infrastructure
  • Politics and Government Bureaucracy
  • Information Infrastructure
  • Demography
  • Geography
  • Reports and Briefs

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