Vision and Mission


To be the premier resource for Strategic Training & Exercises Programs and Performance Improvement Consulting for international operations and international development initiatives.


Our focus is to provide clients with synergistic, long-range solutions to complex operational challenges of the 21st century.

We facilitate constructive and productive engagement by clients and partners in their global areas of operations, in the support of stability, development, and resiliency.


Integrity    Quality    Commitment

These values reflect the way we lead our lives and manage our business, in every aspect. These are the principles that guide Blue Diamond Consulting team members in all of our endeavors.


Blue Diamond Consulting applies responsible, legal and ethical business practices in all that we do, internally and externally. We abide by a professional code of ethics at every level and in every project we undertake.


Blue Diamond Consulting services are based on lessons learned from decades of experience in the most complex and challenging circumstances. The pursuit of excellence is central to all we do.


We are committed to each and every project we undertake as if it were our singular enterprise.

The collective pursuit of continual improvement is central to our philosophy, actions and team spirit.

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